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LEASING OF Socar AuroraS

Socar Aurora Fujarah Terminal FZC, based in the UAE, adheres to international standards and is equipped to meet the needs of oil companies, regardless of their size. Our services are accessible to all market players, providing a convenient and efficient solution for leasing tanks. With Socar Aurora Fujarah Terminal FZC, you can lease a tank of your choice without leaving your office, selecting the exact specifications and location that meet your requirements. Our terminals offer top-quality infrastructure, including Jetty Connected Terminals, Land Terminals, Vessels, Trucks, Weigh bridges, and more, ensuring competitive pricing and exceptional service. Our dedicated customer support team is always ready to assist you.
To initiate the process, simply click on the “Quick Enquiry Button” and get an immediate call from our team.

Benefit from our comprehensive database, covering over 100 major terminals across all seven Emirates of the UAE, providing you with valuable information and options for your leasing needs.

  1. Abu Dhabi

  2. Dubai

  3. Sharjah

  4. Ajman

  5. Ras Al Khaimah

  6. Fujairah
  7. Umm Ak Quwain

tanks leasing

Socar Aurora Fujarah Terminal FZC maintains strong connections with prominent UAE Oil storage Terminals and offers customized solutions for clients seeking a secure storage facility for their valuable assets. Our expertise lies in providing a range of tank options tailored to meet your specific needs. 
These options include:

  1. Fixed-roof Tanks

  2. Internal floating-roof Tanks

  3. External floating-roof Tanks

  4. Domed External floating-roof Tanks

  5. Horizontal Tanks

We ensure that the type and capacity of the tank provided align with your requirements, offering flexibility in lease terms. Rest assured, your assets will be stored in a reliable and safe Terminal environment. Each of these undermentioned processes plays a vital role in ensuring the proper functioning, maintenance, and safety of tanks, pumps, flow meters, pipes, and related equipment used in various industries. 


Taking a tank on lease means facing a lot of tasks such as insurance, tank maintenance, calibration and etc. So, signing a Tank Leasing Contract on our platform you will have additional services which shall include but are not limited:


Oil and Gas Petroleum Products Support

Additionally, we offer assistance for an extensive array of oil &gas product types, including:

1.01 – Mogas (Motor Gas)

1.02 – Gas Oil

1.03 – Diesel

1.04 – Marine Gasoil

1.05 – High Sulfur Gasoil

1.06 – Low Sulfur Gasoil

1.07 – Ultra Low Sulfur 

1.08 – Petrol

1.09 – Pygas

1.10 – Naphtha

1.11 – Methanol

1.12 – Ethanol

1.13 – NGL – Natural Gas Liquid 

1.14 – LPG – Liquefied Petroleum Gas 

1.15 – ULG- Unleaded Gasoline

1.16 – Monoethylene Glycol (MEG)

1.17 – Diethylene Glycol (DEG)

1.18 – Triethylene Glycol (TEG)

1.19 – VGO – Vacuum Gas Oil

1.20 – Jet Fuel

1.21 – Kerosene

1.22 – Gasoline

1.23 – MTBE – Methyl tert-butyl 

            2.01 – Furnace Oil
            2.02 – Pyrolysis Oil
            2.03 – Cutter Stocks
            2.04 – Bunker Fuel
            2.05 – Crude Oil
            2.06 – Slops 
            2.07 – Middle Distillates
            2.08 – Fuel Oil 380 CST
            2.09 – Fuel Oil 180 CST
            2.10 – Condensate

           3.1 – Vegetable Oil
           3.2 – Bio Diesel
           3.3 – Bio Fuel
           3.4 – Edible Oils

           4.1 – Glycols
           4.2 – Solvents
           4.3 – Petrol Chemical
           4.4 – Chemicals


           5.1 – Base Oil
           5.2 –Grease
           5.3 –Lubricants 

           6.1 – RC Grades Asphalt 
           6.2 – MC Grades Asphalt
           6.3 – Bitumen 
           6.4 –SC Grades Asphalt